Baby Care Videos

Watch these videos to get answers to common newborn questions.

Baby Photos

Learn about your options when getting your baby’s first photo in our Centers.

Breastfeeding Resources

See what we offer to help our breastfeeding patients meet their baby’s nutritional needs.


Learn how we handle circumcisions, how pain is managed, and what happens after the circumcision.

Complications in Newborns

Find out some of the common complications seen in newborns.

Extra Care for Newborns

Learn about our Level II E Nursery in our Family Care Birthing Center.


Memorial provides newborn specialty care at our birthing center.

Nursing Care After Delivery

Learn about the importance of skin-to-skin and education you will receive during your stay.

Sleep Safety

Learn some important guidelines for infant sleep safety.

Specialty Care for Your Baby

Learn how our neonatologists provide extra care for babies who need it.

Umbilical Cord Care

Learn about umbilical cord care during and after staying at Memorial.

Your Baby’s Hospital Stay

Find out what happens while your baby is at Memorial Family Care Birthing Center.