Birthing Environment

Birthing Environment

Memorial Family Care Birthing Center keeps families together as much as possible. Unless a Cesarean is needed, labor and delivery all happen in the same room.

Keeping Families Together

At Memorial, we think it is important to keep families together immediately after the birth of your baby. Research has shown keeping your newborn close helps ease the transition to home. We even provide a convertible sofa bed for an adult family member’s overnight support.

At Memorial Hospital Shiloh, we offer Labor, Delivery, Recovery, and Postpartum (LDRP) rooms where you can labor, recover, and have your postpartum care in the same room.

​Support System

We encourage a strong support system from labor and delivery to your newborn’s arrival. Learn more about Memorial’s suggestions for your support system.

​What to Bring

Packing prior to labor is an important part of the pregnancy process. We have prepared a packing list for you and your baby to help you gather everything you’ll need during your stay with us.