Birthing Options

Birthing Options

With family-centered maternity care, labor, birth care, postpartum, and newborn care are all performed within Memorial Family Care Birthing Center.

You Have Choices

At Memorial Family Care Birthing Center, you have options when it comes to delivering your baby.


​Natural delivery is childbirth with no medication. This delivery can include a midwife to help you through the labor and delivery process.


Medicated birth is childbirth that uses some type of anesthesia for pain. The types of anesthesia that may be used are:

  • Local anesthesia, which numbs a small area
  • Regional anesthesia, which numbs a larger part of the body (an epidural is an example)
  • Pain medications to take the edge off your pain while you utilize relaxation techniques


If you have a planned Caesarean, you will deliver your baby in a special Cesarean operating room in The Family Care Birthing Center. One support person may be present during this procedure to support the mother and the newborn during this time, as the medical conditions of both the mother and newborn allow.