Dr. Adriena Beatty

Learn more about Dr. Beatty and what she thinks about Memorial Family Care Birthing Center.

Meet Adriena Beatty, DO, an OBGYN doctor with BJC Medical Group of Illinois.

Why did you choose to practice obstetrics?

Dr. Beatty said it is because she likes to do different things. She likes to work with a variety of patients—especially females—and likes to bring children into the world. She said no matter what kind of day you’re having it is great to go to a delivery because you get to see a miracle.

What sets The Family Care Birthing Center apart?

Dr. Beatty says the biggest difference between Memorial and other hospitals is that the Memorial Family Care Birthing Center allows mothers to try to have their own unique birthing experience.

What do you like to do outside the office?

She enjoys playing with her children and having fun with them because children really simplify life. They are just happy to see mom and dad and not concerned with life’s stressors.

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