Dr. Sekou Kelsey

Find out why Dr. Kelsey became an OB/GYN and what he wants parents to take away after a visit with him.

Meet Sekou Kelsey, MD, an OB/GYN with BJC Medical Group of Illinois.


Why did you choose to practice obstetrics?

Dr. Kelsey said the first delivery he participated in was amazing, and he was fortunate to have a great OB/GYN experience in medical school. During his last year of medical school, he decided he wanted to be an OB/GYN.

What do you want new moms to take away from their first appointment with you?

He said he wants her and her partner to feel like they have someone invested in them.

What is something patients may not know about you?

Probably the most embarrassing thing to him is that he is a pretty big NASCAR fan. He likes to drive go carts and watch the races. 

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