Jill Baudendistel’s Story

Learn about Jill’s c-section experiences, the wonderful care she received at Memorial Family Care Birthing Center, and her recommendation to friends.

Jill Baudendistel had both of her babies at The Family Care Birthing Center.

Why did you choose The Family Care Birthing Center for your second baby?

Jill Baudendistel said that they had such a good experience at Memorial with their first baby that they didn’t even consider going somewhere else. They had good nurses and were expecting the same experience which they did.

What kind of care did you receive at The Family Care Birthing Center?

Wonderful. She had the same nurse with their second daughter as they did with their first daughter which was really nice. She was wonderful and took such good care of her. With the first, she wasn’t expecting to have a c-section so that recovery was a little rougher, and her nurse, Kira took really good care of her. When Kira showed up the second time, it was a huge sigh of relief to know she’d be taken care of again. She said having her just made everything even better.

What would you tell your friends about The Family Care Birthing Center?

She said she only had good things to say. She said everyone took care of what they wanted and answered all of their questions. They told her they were always there even after she was discharged which was a very nice feeling.