Mom Videos

From dealing with morning sickness to caring for your baby after delivery, these videos cover a wide range of important topics.

Drug and Alcohol Use During Pregnancy

Learn why it is important to talk to your doctor and nurses about drug and alcohol use while pregnant and how they can help you quit.


Learn how Rehab Services can help you with incontinence before or after delivery.

Morning Sickness

Learn about morning sickness and hear recommendations on how to relieve symptoms.

Nursing Care After Delivery

Learn about the importance of skin-to-skin and education you will receive during your stay.

Pain Management Options

Find out what kind of pain management is available for your labor and delivery.

Postpartum Depression

Learn about the signs of depression and when to seek help.

What to Expect When You Go Into Labor

If you haven’t been through labor yet, this video may give you an understanding of what will happen.