Level II E Nursery

Level II E Nursery

Some babies require additional support during the transition period (the first hour or two after birth) and beyond.

Memorial Family Care Birthing Center’s Level II E Nursery at Memorial Hospital Shiloh can accommodate babies who require specialized care due to premature birth or other health issues. The Level II E Nursery has everything the Level II Nursery does, but its team also cares for babies who are a little earlier (as early as 30 weeks), a little smaller (as small as 2.75 pounds), and a little more fragile (those on assisted ventilation). The Level II E Nursery staffs work with families to educate them to the unique requirements of their baby, so they are comfortable with the newborn’s care.

A neonatologist, pediatrician, or family practitioner and Level II E Nursery nurse work collaboratively to care for premature babies and those who need extra medical care.

These babies may be treated for conditions such as respiratory difficulties, feeding problems, congenital abnormalities, infections, or low blood glucose levels. Babies in the Level II E Nurseries may require treatments such as IV fluids, oxygen, antibiotics, phototherapy, or assistance with breathing.

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