Talasha Hill’s Story

Learn about Talasha Hill’s experience at Memorial Family Care Birthing Centers, including the circumcision of her son.

Talasha Hill is expecting her fourth child; it’s her second child with The Family Care Birthing Center.

What did you learn from the Special Delivery Program?

Talasha just learned that the baby will remain with her during her stay instead of going to the nursery, which she thinks will be good. She also learned that the baby will go right to her chest after delivery, so she can have a first bond with her baby right away.

Did you have any concerns when your son had his circumcision here?

She had concerns because it seemed like it would be a traumatic experience. In the long run it was best for him, and he had no problems.

What would you tell new moms about The Family Care Birthing Center?

As a mother who is expecting her fourth child, Talasha wants to let first-time mothers know that they are in good hands at Memorial. She said Memorial is a great place to have a baby and offers a great experience.